Writer, illustrator

Roland Chambers

The maps I drew as endpapers for Lev Grossman’s bestselling Magicians series are now available as a limited edition of prints, signed and numbered. You can order yours right here.

In other news, my new Nelly book is out: Nelly and the Flight of the Sky Lantern. It’s the sequel to Nelly and the Quest for Captain Peabody, which you should read first.

Nelly returns from her quest to discover her missing father and finds that her mother has gone missing too. Careless! And in her mother’s place, sits the ageing cabin boy Nelly hired to look after her while she was away – suspicious. So off Nelly goes for the second time, on this occasion in a knitted hot air balloon, and travels to the top of the world and also the bottom of the ocean before the mystery is solved.

Meanwhile I’m working on a new novel for adults and a biography. I write the novel in the morning and the biography in the afternoon – and doodle in the margin.

- Roland Chambers